Are You Oral-Cancer Literate?

oralCancerAre you oral-cancer literate? If not, then you should be. Oral cancer strikes 30, 000 people annually. One person dies every hour from oral cancer in the U.S. You should be aware of oral cancer, its signs and symptoms, and you should get an oral cancer screening annually from your dentist. In fact, along with a professional cleaning, x-rays, and a general dental checkup, an important reason to visit your dentist biannually is because they examine your mouth and can detect changes in your oral tissue early on. Take the true or false quiz below to find out if you are oral-cancer literate.


Don’t Damage Your Teeth By Bruxing

bruxIf you brux you may not even know it. The majority of bruxing happens at night while people are asleep. They grind their teeth in their sleep. Often the only way they find out is when their dentist notices unnatural tooth wear, or when the person wakes with headaches and or face, jaw, or neck pain. If you grind habitually, your teeth and gums may also begin to ache. Don’t damage your teeth by bruxing. Take our quiz below to find out more.


TMJ Treatments

TensIf you’re suffering from TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder, you are going to be wondering if it can be treated, and if so, what kind of treatments are out there.  TMJ disorders are when your jaw joint fails to function properly due to strain, trauma, or other reasons. You may feel pain in the muscles around your jaw, headaches, neck aches, and more. You are probably wondering if you will need surgery, medication, or therapy? In many cases, TMJ treatments are non-invasive and conservative. However, you can find out more about TMJ treatments by taking the true or false quiz below.


A Great Time For Cleaning

dental cleaningOf course anytime is a great time for a dental cleaning, right? Right. However, summer is winding down. The kids are heading back to school. It is a time for new starts and change. Take our quiz below to find out how much you know about why dental cleanings are so important, and remember, the end of summer is a great time for cleaning, especially a dental cleaning.


The Benefits Of Dental Technology

dental techInvesting in dental technology is a benefit to both the patient and the dentist. Dentists are always looking for ways to make their patients more comfortable, their time in the chair shorter, and treatments faster, more efficient, and more effective. Dental technology helps with all of this. It also makes performing dental procedures easier for the dentist. There is dental technology for a variety of treatments today. The benefits of dental technology are far reaching. There are soft tissue lasers, digital x-rays, and now there is DIAGNOdent.


Protect Your Teeth Against Bruxing

dont grindHave you looked at your teeth lately? I mean really looked? How do they appear to you: white, healthy, straight, the proper size and shape? If you’re teeth no longer look as if they are the proper size and shape you may have a habit that you don’t know about. That habit is called bruxing. Bruxing is the dental term for grinding and clenching your teeth. It often takes place at night while you are sleeping and that is why you probably are not aware of it. But bruxism can damage your teeth to the point that you will need restorative treatment. Before things get that far protect your teeth against bruxing.


Completing and Protecting Your Smile with Dental Crowns

Lifelike Porcelain CrownsFor many years dental crowns were primarily metal, often creating problems from allergic reactions to heightened tooth sensitivity. They were also easily detected, even in the backs of mouths. But modern dental crowns allow for stable and seamless restoration after tooth loss, and also provide beautiful protection for weak or damaged teeth. So if restorative dentistry is in your future, it can be useful understanding how crowns can help. There are several options when it comes to modern dental crowns, all of which can do wonders for your smile. (more…)