Improve Your Smile with a Simple Cleaning

Dental Visit CalendarIf the original Jurassic Park had just hit the theaters the last time you saw your dentist, you are long overdue for a checkup and cleaning. Many adults delay preventive care, thinking that if they brush and floss their teeth that will be enough to maintain a healthy smile. But brushing and flossing alone cannot always prevent tartar buildup. And once tartar has developed, it can only be removed through a professional dental cleaning. So do not delay an appointment any longer, when it could help you enjoy a healthier, brighter smile. (more…)

Update Your Smile with Porcelain Veneers

Cosmetic Dentistry SmileSummer is a great time to update your look, from swimsuits and sundresses, to your most-prized asset, your smile. It is one of the first things people notice about you, and one of the essential elements to feeling confident. Though there are a number of forms of cosmetic dentistry that can help improve your smile, few are as comprehensive, or effective, as porcelain veneers. These offer an outstanding combination of beauty and strength, and can have you looking and feeling your best for many years to come. (more…)

Relieve Tooth Pain with Root Canal Treatment

Wisdom Teeth Guy In PainAn infection within your tooth can be an incredibly painful thing to endure. But, root canal therapy can help. Not only does this restorative dental treatment help eliminate the infection and keep it from spreading, but in many cases it is the best way to save your tooth. If you value the appearance of your smile, and more importantly, want to maintain its health, root canal therapy could be the ideal solution. So don’t put up with dental pain any longer, when restorative treatment can help alleviate it. (more…)

Fix Your Smile With a Single Visit to Your Cosmetic Dentist

Dental Bonding Smiling GirlIf you’ve stopped smiling because of chips or cracks in your teeth, become embarrassed by dark stains, or spent time daydreaming about a more uniform, beautiful smile, it’s time to see us about cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic teeth bonding is one of the many cosmetic services we offer, one that can drastically improve your smile, often in a single office visit. Bonding allows us to sculpt your teeth into better shape, so you can leave our office confident enough to show off those pearly whites once again! (more…)

So You Think You Know About Tooth Enamel?

Tooth Enamel Quiz Question MarkMost people know that preventive care is crucial when it comes to taking good care of their smiles. But even if you brush and floss daily, did you know there are still a lot of dangers your teeth’s enamel faces? Understanding the role food plays in your dental health can help you make smarter decisions about what you eat and how you care for your smile. Here’s a quiz that can help you understand even more about your teeth’s enamel! (more…)

Bruxism: A Bad Habit You Might Have Without Knowing It

Bruxism_Teeth_GrindingMany of us know there are certain habits we should avoid, in order to keep our teeth bright and healthy. Smoking cigarettes, drinking too much coffee or wine, and eating too many sugary foods can cause staiing and cavities. But one of the most damaging habits to teeth often goes completely unnoticed. It’s habitual teeth grinding, which is called bruxism, and because most sufferers of bruxism do so at night, many people don’t even know they’re struggling with it. (more…)

A Crowning Achievement in Modern Dentistry

woman-with-approving-smile-150x150white, bright or even golden tooth. But modern dentistry has taken problems like chipped teeth or large cavities, and found artistic ways to restore people’s smiles, in a way that is both comfortable and natural. Porcelain and metal work together to form many of the beautiful crowns that are now available. So say goodbye to outdated dental repairs, and hello to a gorgeous, restored smile. (more…)