The Clear Braces Advantage

In addition to Invisalign®, at Downey Family Dentistry, we offer another cosmetic alternative to metal braces. Clear Correct allows users to correct alignment without resorting to uncomfortable orthodontics. Improving the alignment of your smile not only improves your appearance, but boosts the health of your smile, too.

Alternative to Metal Braces

Traditionally, patients with crooked or crowded teeth would need to be fitted with metal braces or a functional orthodontic appliance. With Clear Correct, patients instead receive sets of clear plastic aligners, designed and fabricated for a comfortable and accurate fit. Over time, the aligners slowly and gently reposition teeth to optimal placement, addressing misalignment without hindering your appearance.

The Clear Correct Process

The process begins with an examination from Dr. Hakimzadeh or Dr. Reyhani. During the examination, your Downey dentist will decide if Clear Correct offers the best solution for your alignment issues. If so, a series of images and impressions will be taken and used to create a detailed 3D image of your teeth. Using these materials, your aligners will be created at the Clear Correct lab. Once completed, you will begin wearing the aligners immediately.

Treatment Time

Patients will be expected to wear the aligners every day, between 20 and 23 hours each day. Aligners should only be removed of brief periods during the day for meals or dental maintenance. Wearing the aligners as recommended will help ensure you obtain the desired results. In all, treatment for adults takes about a year. Teens and young adults may need up to 18 months of treatment.

Caring for Your Aligners

Clear Correct is a popular part of our cosmetic dentistry services. Like our other procedures, maintaining good dental habits is vital for ensuring the desired results. While you don’t need to avoid certain foods with Clear Correct, you should still remove them when drinking anything other than water. If not, sugars may become trapped and coat your teeth. As bacteria break down these sugars, the risk of tooth decay and gum disease increases. In addition, removing your aligners and brushing and flossing with regularity can reduce the appearance of teeth stains, ensuring your smile remains free of discoloration. Your aligners will also require cleaning. You should brush your aligners and wash them occasionally with soft soap. The trays should be cleaned frequently, too. Dr. Hakimzadeh or Dr. Reyhani can recommend soaking products for your aligners, as well.

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