Common Questions About Implants

dentalimplantpinkDental implants offer patients a wealth of benefits, such as exceptional stability (particularly when compared with other prosthetic restorations). However, that does not mean patients immediately flock to implants without a worry in the world. In fact, because implants require oral surgery, patients often find themselves with a lot of questions they would like answered before they feel fully certain about making implants their tooth replacement of choice. Consider a brief yet informative Q&A session to provide some helpful answers. And remember – we are always happy to offer personalized information during a consultation.

Q&A: Dental Implants

Question: How long will the entire process of receiving dental implants take?

Answer: The process requires approximately six months or more until completion. This is because you must wait as your implant posts bond with your jaw tissue through a process called osseointegration.

Question: What happens to my smile while I’m waiting for osseointegration to occur and finish? Will I simply walk around without teeth in the open spaces?

Answer: No. During your recovery period, we will place temporary restorations over the dental implants.

Question: Do you provide a variety of options to replace missing teeth? Or are there only single implants with dental crowns?

Answer: Yes, we offer a diverse array of treatment options. You may, of course, replace each missing tooth with a single implant and crown. You may also rely on the strategic placement of dental implant posts to provide support to a larger prosthetic, such as a partial denture (for partial tooth loss) or a full denture (for complete tooth loss).


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