Dental Crowns

Durable, Lifelike, and Dependable

Dental CrownsA dental crown is a customizable covering that looks just like the top portion of your tooth (called its crown). Dr. Hakimzadeh, Dr. Reyhani, and our team create custom dental crowns that fit over your damaged natural tooth to restore appearance and function, and prevent further damage. For instance, in the case of a delicate tooth that will break without restorative treatment, a crown provides the necessary exterior coverage. Or, if you undergo a root canal treatment or have cosmetically damaged teeth – discoloring, poor shape, or chipping, for instance – crowns camouflage problems that are otherwise difficult to treat.

Are There Different Types of Crowns?

We offer a variety of dental crowns, which come with an array of benefits. We typically use high-quality porcelain crowns to create a natural looking, strong, and metal-free restoration.

  • Ceramic crowns, made of porcelain, look like your natural teeth. Ceramic is preferable for individuals with metal allergies and the cosmetic conscience. We provide our patients with Emax cirtified crowns which are very strong porcelain material and provides one of the highest esthetic results.
  • Zirconia, created with zirconium oxide, is semi-translucent, like porcelain, forms an authentic-looking restoration with the strength of a metal restoration, and is the optimal choice for patients who are clinchers and grinders.
  • PFM, or porcelain fused to metal, means a metal base with porcelain on top. PFM crowns are mainly advised for back teeth due to the fact that the metal will show in time. PFM crowns are not advised for patients with metal allergies or those that are cosmetic conscience.

Does Getting a Crown Take More Than One Visit?

Our team will prep your tooth and then take impressions, so we have a model of your mouth from which to create a crown with accurate dimensions. We will fit you with a temporary crown during your initial visit. While you wear your temporary crown, we will create a permanent crown that blends with your other teeth in its shape, size, and color, providing a beautiful appearance and comfortable bite. During your second visit, we will place your permanent crown and check your bite to ensure a wonderful, comfortable fit.

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