Dental Fillings

Effective Cavity Treatment

AMALGAM VS ONLAYSAt Downey Family Dentistry, we consider every procedure a step toward better oral health and improved smile esthetics. While you may not think of fillings as a significant part of an appealing smile, repairing your cavities or replacing old fillings can greatly impact your appearance. For optimal results, we use only composite resin dental fillings, which are often referred to as “tooth-colored fillings.” Unlike the metallic appearance of amalgam fillings, which contain mixed metals, we can custom-blend your composite tooth filling to match your smile.

What Are Composite Fillings?

Composite fillings are composed of metal-free acrylic resin. We utilize modern technology, such as DIAGNOdent to uncover the early stages of decay, before they lead to complications, such as a compromised tooth, abscesses, or infection. During a visit for a filling, we clean out the cavity to remove the decay and prep the tooth for a filling. We will then fill and seal the opening with composite resin, which dries and bonds securely to the tooth structure.

What Are the Benefits of Composite Fillings?

If you have a cavity, or wish to upgrade an old metal filling, then consider the benefits that make composite fillings the optimal choice:

  • Unlike amalgam, composite fillings are mercury-free. While trace amounts of mercury are considered safe, composite is well suited for people allergic to metals.
  • White fillings are safe for use by pregnant women.
  • Composite fillings bond to your tooth, unlike amalgam. They also require less space. This supports and preserves your remaining tooth for longer-term structural health.
  • You can replace amalgam fillings with composite fillings for a uniform smile.
  • White fillings do not conduct heat or cold, such as metal fillings. You can consume hot or cold food without worrying about temperature-based sensitivity.

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