Full Mouth Reconstruction

Rebuilding Your Smile

Whether through trauma or a lifetime of poor dental health, our smiles can become afflicted with several issues that could eventually lead to tooth loss, or worse. Therefore, restoring your smile to full function and beauty may require more than a single procedure. If you require restorative treatment, than your best option may be full mouth reconstruction, which incorporates more than one procedure to provide the most conservative option.

Full Mouth ReconstructionWhat is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

A full mouth reconstruction involves a combination of multiple dental procedures to repair and restore your smile, which may include;

The length and number of appointments necessary will depend on the state of your dental health and the specifics of your treatment plan.

  • If decay is present, you may require a dental filling or crown, or root canal therapy, in severe cases.
  • If you are missing teeth or require tooth extraction as part of the reconstruction process, then we can rebuild your smile using advanced dental implants.
  • Custom-made appliances may be necessary for patients struggling with bruxism, TMJ disorder, and occlusal disease.
  • Periodontal treatment may also be needed to remove infected tissue and improve gum health, which reduces the risk of tooth loss, sore gums, and other common symptoms of gum disease.

What Can I Expect from a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

The process will begin with a thorough examination. Employing intraoral cameras and DIAGNOdent lasers, we will assess the cause and severity of your dental health issues. Then, we will sit with you to discuss your short- and long-term smile goals. With this information, along with details on your facial esthetics and smile features, we will create a reconstruction plan catered to your specific needs.

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