Oral Cancer Screenings

Stay Ahead with Regular Screenings

If you are one of the hundreds of new cases of oral cancer that occur each week in the United States, you can take heart in the knowledge that early detection can yield  successful treatment rate of 80-90%. Dr. Hakimzadeh, Dr. Reyhani, and our team will provide a positive attitude and empathetic, gentle guidance through every moment, from diagnosis to post-treatment check-ups.

What Is Oral Cancer?

Oral cancer may include oral-cancer-screening-sqsurrounding oral structures, such as your neck, lymph nodes, and throat. The normally healthy cells in your mouth will begin to divide and multiply in an abnormal fashion, commonly resulting in tumor growth. This disease occurs in several stages, beginning with pre-cancerous or early cancer cells that only affect flat tissue. As the disease progresses, one or more tumors may form in your mouth and spread throughout surrounding tissue, making it more difficult to treat and remove. The disease is treatable through a variety of methods, but early detection during your preventive dentistry appointments is crucial for increasing the chances of full recovery.

Are There Common Symptoms to Look For?

Because oral cancer can affect a variety of areas within your mouth and often begins with symptoms that you may not associate with cancer, regular check-ups and cleanings are crucial. The earlier we catch the disease, the greater your likelihood of recovery. In the meantime, watch for common symptoms and call our office immediately if you notice a change, such as:

  • White patches under your tongue
  • Red or whitish splotches in your throat
  • Sores that bleed or do not heal
  • The feeling that something is stuck in your throat
  • A lump in your mouth
  • Teeth that suddenly seem loose
  • A sore throat that doesn’t go away
  • Pain in your mouth, like a sore tongue, uncomfortable chewing, or discomfort while swallowing
  • A persistently scratchy throat and cotton mouth


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