OTC Versus Professional Teeth Whitening

versussignyellowOne of the most common topics we find ourselves discussing with patients is whether to choose over-the-counter (OTC) whitening products or to choose professional teeth whitening. While OTC products will eventually provide you with some level of whitening, we suggest you avoid them. Curious why we would make such a suggestion when purchasing these products from your local drugstore is extremely simple and seemingly inexpensive when you consider the cost per purchase? Do yourself a very big favor – learn more about your options for deeper understanding of why professional treatment is always best.

Why You Should Avoid OTC Whitening

We do not suggest that you choose OTC products for teeth whitening because they are less effective than professional treatment – and because they can harm your teeth. Here’s what we mean: The OTC whitening products are diluted, so it takes many more applications than a professional treatment to achieve any visible results. Due to this need for overuse (in conjunction with harsh ingredients), your tooth tissue may become dehydrated and you may find yourself suffering from tooth sensitivity.

Why We Always Suggest Professional Teeth Whitening

Your smile is our top priority, so we only provide treatments that offer the improvements you desire, while protecting your oral health. Since no two smiles or individual preferences are identical, we offer a variety of teeth whitening methods to suit your particular needs. Whether you want same-day treatment, home treatment, or even a formula for sensitive teeth, we can accommodate your wishes. Professional whitening formulas are all made to offer powerful whitening, while minimizing discomfort or sensitivity.


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